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Monday July 28, 2014

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Peter Mathews, Vernon Mahabal

First Half: For the past 30 years, Peter Mathews has been a college professor and has seen first hand the changes in the student body over the decades. He'll discuss how the first generation of college students raised with the Internet is different from previous generations, and how they are coping with soaring tuition costs and much lower starting salaries.

2nd Half: Founder of the Palmistry Institute in LA, Vernon Mahabal, combines astrology with palmistry to predict trends for the United States based on repeated patterns he sees in the thousands of palms he reads. He'll share some of the trends such as a huge rise in entrepreneurial pursuits and small business, as well as a heightened awareness of our connection with Earth.

Tuesday July 29, 2014

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Robert Bennett, Denise Alvarado

First Half: Dedicated to studying how various cultures view Christianity and various forms of spirituality, Dr. Robert Bennett, will discuss his work with demon possession and spiritual warfare including the latest on his work with exorcism, paranormal phenomena, Slenderman, and zombies.

2nd Half: Born and raised in the Voodoo rich culture of New Orleans, author and spiritual advisor Denise Alvarado talks about mysticism and the practice of Creole Voodoo and indigenous healing traditions.

Wednesday July 30, 2014

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Dr. Robert Rosenberg

With over 20 years of experience in the field of sleep medicine, Dr. Robert Rosenberg, will discuss the science of sleep, and how technology, binge TV watching, and chemicals like energy drinks are changing how our brains function. He'll address many of the bizarre disorders people experience while they are sound asleep-- not only sleepwalking but eating, driving and even having sex.

Friday August 1, 2014

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Lady Shadowe

High priestess in the Divinity Coven of New York City, Lady Shadowe practices Metaphysical Wicca. She'll discuss the various spells which use elements of nature to manifest dreams, goals and empowerment. Followed by Open Lines in the second half.

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